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I heard it calling my name, not really my name, but the essence of the feeling my name provokes.
I heard it calling the essence whilst I was slept.
I heard it calling the essence whilst I was meditating.
I heard it calling the essence whilst I was in deep contemplation.

Over and over again, until with great curiosity came over me.
I sat before the Djembe.
I felt it ask for permission, as I too asked for its blessing to sit before its beautifully crafted body.
The mutual consent was empowering and the flow of energy began to move in and out with each breath.
There was a sensual and hypnotic feel to the air, it was heavy with sweat, and memories.
The caress of its course hair, the feel of its beautiful skin. The threads that created cohesion between its head and body.
The presence of the drum took over my body.
In a way it possessed the natural rhythm of my soul.
The sounds that vibrated from it’s very essences was dynamically for me.
In the privacy of the music room my spirit began to soar beyond the space.
Images from a mountainous jungle began to appear to my mind.
The images were so vivid as I watched a man appear in a clearing.
He said thank you for honoring me to play your drum.
I came out of the fog without the foggiest notion of what just happened.
Clear headed and mind free I wrote this story.
It is not known if it was a dream or a possession by the drum.


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I sit here today as the warm sun bright in its intensity showers our earth with its life giving rays. Basking in its glory, as the wind sweeps through the trees.
The songs of a wide variety of birds dance in my ears. Taking this time to reflect on our environment and how drastic a change I have incurred in my own life.

My days are no longer crowded with fear. All the events that now are the past. A humming bird feeding on the fuchsia in this peaceful safe place.

Now I teach this amazing transformation to other. Fear and the burden of pain no longer is attached to my shadow as I walk down the lane of life. The freedom to live presently, mindfully and consciously creating a marvel at every turn.

I am grateful to all those who taught me to move on, forgive, grieve and appreciate all those amazing gifts I’ve received from my experiences. Now I recreate my reality without the past as a defining factor of my self-image.

This is the greatest gift of freedom, the freedom to know I am not my past. Now you can join me in this amazing gift. Come to our free teleclass in March. A four week class to move you from being defined by your past to being free to create anything you set your heart on.

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