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A few moments ago I was gifted my own “Ah-Ha” moment, when I received a testimonial from a previous client. My husband, Sean, and my spiritual mentor always jokes when he looses something, his keys, the drum key, the critical piece of software or that other sock that he needs me to light his way. The thing is I find things. I’m a finder I always have been. When I worked in the engineering field, my peers, and often times bosses would come to me to find a way to do something. I could make the CAD software purrr… I found all kinds of ways to create shortcuts, use tips or tricks to make the software perform at its absolute best, often in ways it was never intended to be used.

I’m a finder… I attract seekers. That gift led me down the trail to here and now. Where did it start?

The scene goes like this…

It was a crisp and beautiful day in 2009, when a new client walked through my door at the House of Light Health and Education Center in NE Portland. It was a rented coaching room. As I sat there and listened to this beautiful exotic woman who sat in front of me, I was taken aback by the glow that surrounded her head. It was brilliant, the glow dimmed as it moved down her neck and shoulders, it filled her arms but missed the heart. It light increased as it moved down her body, and decreased in different spaces. In some places there were holes like Swiss cheese. The light seem to come from within her and surround her body, but when she looked at something it projected the same pattern onto the objects around the room. It was the first time I had ever seen such a thing, and yet it seemed natural and as though it was always there, I just for the first time had noticed it. When I stopped listening for a moment to her story as ultimate truth, her light shined brighter than ever, it came from every pore of her body. Even her hair glowed with this light. Then I began to listen again from her perspective, and I began to see the pattern of light and shadow she was projecting. Knowing this was only a perception I began to look at the areas where the light was hidden from her own perception of life. I held that she was whole and healthy in every cell in her body, mind, emotion and soul.

As she began to speak I began to cry, I could see the holes in her personal life story as she began to describe it. I felt the pain as though it was something she carried as a badge so she wouldn’t fall back into the depths of its clutches.

To me there was something very curious going on. It was  different from any other experience I had during a coaching session.

I came from an engineering background. I was all about logic, facts, figures, and ran from the idea of spirituality like the plague. For the last two years I’ve been trying to decipher what has happened to me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There is no medical text about this phenomenon unless you begin to start looking outside the accepted legitimate text of western medicine… I began to look for other science and medical explanations outside the facts of western medicine. I had done this before and found answers, but for the most part I believed in western medicine and thought logical ways of looking at life was important, in fact I still do.

This light phenomenon continued on I could see holes in peoples story, based on the holes they felt about themselves. As I said in the beginning I am a finder, I can find just about anything. I now use that talent to help people see where they lost themselves and watch how they project their loss on the world. They believe the loss to be truth, because they can not see that which is lost. It is hidden behind the dark thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and experiences they have come to know as life…

The testimony I received today was another light bulb for me. It brought that memory to the forefront of my mind, I now understand how I find and help people find themselves again. I never believe the item is lost, it is hidden under something else, just like their light.

Consequently the months and years that have followed hundreds of people come to me to help them uncover their own light once lost to shine brightly again. Each person carries this light, it is why I tell people they are is amazing, they don’t see it but I do. I hold the vision of wellness and wholeness until they can step into the vision themselves.

It is no accident when I set up my business I used the phrase “Illuminating The Dark Corners Of Your Bright Ideas” as a trademark tag line. I hold the light, do you need to see?

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Subject: Lao Tzu said how I feel

Thirty spokes are made by holes in a hub
By vacancies joining them for a wheel’s use;
The use of clay In moulding pitchers
Comes from the hollow of it’s absence;
Doors, windows, in a house,
Are used for their emptiness:
Thus we are helping by what is not
To use what is.”

The Space I Hold by Karen Monteverdi

I hold for you a space of which you may choose to use or not.
I give you range to explore.
This is the love I share with you and the species of all mankind.
I have chosen you as you have chosen me to learn and grow.
The wisdom we share is a gift.
I see you as you really are.
I hold you accountable to see how amazing that truly is.
For now I hold this emptiness for you to fill.
The being who is more than you see.

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