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This weeks question comes from a former health coach and colleague.

Good health probably tops my chart as one of life’s most important matters how does living consciously create good health?

Let me begin by introducing you to a term we use around the office, our Total Holistic Integrated System (T.H.I.S.).

We describe T.H.I.S. as your mind, spirit, emotional and physical bodies, expressed an integrated self-support system.


T.H.I.S. produces waves in the quantum field, electromagnetic signals, brain waves, and energy signatures. When we live consciously we recognize that we are the expression of life through trillions of cells, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, personality traits, emotions, and fields of awareness. Each one of us is a unique whole self-support system, and eco-system combined into T.H.I.S.


Health is important because we, as human beings, function best when we are healthy. Symptoms of imbalance show up one or more of our expressions of T.H.I.S. become unhealthy. A symptom might be a cold, but it could also be an unhealthy thought, an argument with a loved one, a defining moment of drama or trauma in your life, a financial struggle, numbing out to television, addictions, hurting yourself, a car wreck, losing your keys or cancer, the list goes on.


When you are in perfect health you are in the flow of life we are empowered to live fully, and our experience of life is enriched beyond measure. Louise L. Hay says you can heal your life with your thoughts, Biology of Belief author Bruce Lipton agrees and tells us in detail the biology. I however, think it is only one aspect of the living consciously.


Yes, we can change our mind and transform our life. But we can also recognize that we are working with the consequences of past agreements in our present state of mind. By removing old habits that amass toxins in the body, mind, spirit and emotional bodies we begin to express ourselves in healthy ways. Living consciously allows us to understand our thoughts, perceptions, agreements and action can either break down our optimum health or achieve it. Recognizing we are not our past, we can stop adding to our toxic burden. Forgiveness is a key factor in letting the detoxification process clear out old agreements and start building new healthier expressions of T.H.I.S. Grace and gratitude begins to add to a healthier mindset.

When we understand what thoughts, for us (it is unique for each person) are toxic we can begin to add new healthier thoughts to our emotional diet. For instance anger can be healthy, or it can be a toxin depending on the user. Yes, at GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center we see emotions as tools, but used improperly they can cause unwanted damage, like using a jack hammer to fix a windowpane. We achieve success when we use the right tool for the right job.


Our body is a very complex system. To maintain optimum health, for example, being aware of how foods interact with our unique system is to understand what foods are good for us individually. For instance one person may love peanuts and crave them from time to time as a way to get essential nutrients the body needs. While another person may die from eating a single peanut. Each person is uniquely different, and self-knowledge gives you the awareness of your uniqueness as an expression of T.H.I.S.


The first step is to recognize what is, and what is not working for you. The next step is to accept what is, and begin to address what isn’t working, while giving deep gratitude for what is.

Living Consciously allows you to become aware and make choices based on what is best for your unique self-support system.

Our emotional body affects our physical body. The physical body affects our emotional body and so on with T.H.I.S. We are beginning to see a trend with a select few elite cancer centers around the USA who recognize cancer can be affected by emotional and spiritual health. We know that if we are emotionally “stressed” it can cause physical stress, etc.


At GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center we teach through our classes that ego allows us to decipher signposts to reveal what needs to be healed. We give people tools to understand the signals of emotions, and feelings sensed in the body. These tools allow us to decipher information that cannot be spoken. We use reality checks and perspective checks to test the validity of the information deciphered. In my opinion we as a race have a lot to learn about being human.

Please leave you comments below.

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From one point of view there are two types of people in this world, extroverted and introverted.

Do you know most GEEK’s are introverted. We were called Nerds growing up, we
were shunned, picked last for games, we were shoved into lockers and garbage
cans. We were not invited to the parties.

We grew up to be the ones people go to for help with technologies.
Enter stage left... Karen Monteverdi, CPC

Karen like most GEEK’s spent most of her life alone, which gave her the
opportunity focus our energy on systems and processes. She spent 28-years in the
engineering world as a Computer Aided Design and Drafter, and Manager. Karen
spent years overcoming her introverted ways to become an amazing manager, she
went on to teach others in the engineering field to let go of their socially stunted
ways to become the life of the party!

She realized her calling in 2008, after graduation from the International
Coach Academy, Karen then created systems and process to help others break
free from their social anxiety.

Karen then created a virtual business called GreenMountain Enrichment and
Empowerment Center (GEEC).

At GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center (GEEC) we are a personal
growth company using the processes of Transformational Life Coaching.

All of our coaches are techies who overcame their socially stunted status to
become amazing extroverted bombshells of empowerment.

Want to find out what they know… Come play with these experts in the
Self-Knowledge Is Self Power Teleclass.
Register Today!


Karen Monteverdi, CPC
Owner & Resident Professional Coach of
GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center (GEEC)
Transformational Life Coaching Business
Illuminating The Dark Corners Of Your Bright Ideas™

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This post is dedicated to Newbie Coaches.

There is a great debate going on in my head this morning maybe you can chime in and help.

In the NE Corner weighing in at 178lbs is the “Build Your Massive List King” and in the SW Corner weighing in at 98lbs is “Know Your list Queen”.

The King: Is a newbie and grabs everyone he can, signs up names indiscriminately, uses social network build list sites where he “friends”, “likes” or “follows” everyone, and uses an automated search to build a huge list in only a month.

The Queen, as she also is a newbie, but wants to have a personal relationship with each individual using social media and in her e-mail list. Her list only contains about 150 people that first month.

Get the picture?

Round 1 is a tie:
The party begins with The King in the lead, he gets 100 people who come to his huge teleconferences and signs up about 5-10% of his list. Percentage of sign ups to his products and services is 5 to 10 people.

The Queen gains momentum by making phone calls directly and contacts daily through social media and her teleconferences only receive between 5-10 people. Everyone in the teleconference signs up for her services.

Round 2 goes to the King:
The King buys more lists, has bigger conferences and more people signing up to his e-mail list. His bounce rate is 80%, he has a personal relationship with 5 to 10 people. But his practice is growing and he’s making money on enough products and services to stay in business again this month.

The Queen is still using the same technique but she has a live event she is giving. She spends $90.00 on advertising and the venue will only allow her to charge $12.00 per person second person is free. Her 10 clients show up (and bring friends); she makes a profit of $30.00 on ticket sales. She is able to sign up 2 new clients. She spent time preparing the month before she spent building relationship with new contacts and lost ground.

Round 3 goes to the Queen:
The King has a live event and hundreds of people show up for his free event, 25% people buy his products. Converts no new clients. Though he made money his long term outlook becomes weak. The King is seeing a reflection of his own integrity, looses money and makes no new client conversions. The King attracts people to his events through squeeze pages, fancy headlines and outrageous offers. The King is earning a living at coaching, but his long term outlook is poor. His self esteem begins to suffer, so all his profits go to personal development and client attraction coaches.

The Queen makes up time by doubling her calls and reconnecting with her intimate list, she is strengthening her bonds and converting 25% of her potential clients into clients. Her client base then is 30 clients this month. The Queen is earning a living at coaching, her long term outlook is great. The Queen is earning her self-respect, she is helping people change their lives.

You get the picture?
Who’s going to win this race?
Does the rabbit and the hair story apply here?

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Since I became a member of the intenders group in 2008, I used the code as a model for my business plan, my values, and my ethics.

Today I stand as a member of that groups Counseling Network.

I feel the grace of that honor. Everyone on this planet is a master intender and their manifestation is continuous and ever present.

It is important for me to recognize I manifest the good as well as the bad in my life. I say things like I don’t have enough money for xyz… and sure enough I don’t, and I find I start to not having prosperity in other ways too. Our language, thoughts, beliefs and intentions are effected by Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society. As Ford said rather we say we can or can’t we are right.

Today I continue to be in alignment with my original intention, with one exception, I recognize that the honor and light I shine is paramount to my business. I no longer hide it.

For example, this week we had an health event with my mom, it made me proud to see the family also using what I have been sharing over the last few years. When we stop hiding from our authenticity we see the effects we have on others. When I was hiding not letting people see my spirituality in my business and in life I did not recognize the complete affect I had on them. I opened up to sharing things like this about my life and business. I was able to transform my belief allowing me to be professional and appropriate in every moment of my life.

By opening my own eyes and choosing a lens of complete authenticity my business boomed… My re-purpose has been and continues to be authenticity in every breath, ever step, every word uttered and every sentence written. I am no longer hiding from my spirit, and it has flown me higher than I ever thought possible.

With that in hand I offer the following intention for my family and my business. I intend and send comfort, joy, love, and grace to the Scott Family their businesses and everything they touch. Miracles abound as the matriarch of the family continues to live in laughter, love and joy. When she leaves her body it is my solice and comfort that we continue to be a shining example of love and light as she learned to be in her later years… It honors her to succeed in offering a service base business that holds people in their highest light.

I gracefully and humbly stand before our champion of life, our matriarch. It is intended that all the miracles be shown, that the awareness of love be embraced. That all light and love be deeply felt and used to see the beauty of a family who’s entire existence has been about serving and healing others in so many various ways.

We honor this family through the matriarch as we walk each moment on this earth. We honor those who are great mentors such as Tony Burroughs. LOVE K.

Karen Monteverdi, CPC – Counseling Network – Life Coach

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From the very beginning I feel a sense of deep gratitude for the lack of judgment. A moment in my life where I can breathe freely and doing so allows me to expand my Self beyond the ego and the body. This timeless moment seems to last forever, as I sit in his presence. There is unconditional love and light. All the fear of self-defeatism, blame, guilt, and not being worthy melts away.

When I hear him speak about the first intent of The Code, 10 Intentions for a Better World I begin to realize there is something very unique about this small-framed man. His energy fills the room, encompasses the quantum spaces between the sounds, sights and matter that is present.

He speaks as though he has been touched deeply. There is an honesty he must share. This is the Code. When I lay my ears on his words there begins a resonant sound wave, it forms the rhythm of the conversation. I begin to align with the light he shines. It fills my breath, the space between the beats of my heart. I am surrounded by the light.

The first Intent very simple, it is to support life. He states in his book The Code, 10 Intentions for a Better World: “I refrain from opposing or harming anyone. I allow others to have their own experiences. I see life in all things and honor it as if it were my own. I support life.”

Sean and I were honored to meet this man and his team. I felt honored to have helped bring them to Portland in 2009. He goes by the name of Tony Borroughs. After his amazing talk I was enamored and wanted to know how I too could embody this energy to last with every breath I take. As he hands me the book I read the inscription, Sean & Karen, I am so glad to meet you – You are both true lightworkers & I intend that your lives are filled with light, love & lots of laughter! I am your Brother from way back.~Tony 8/26/09.

I felt the honor of being filled with light and love, realizing Tony already saw me, as I wanted to become. I learned that evening how to hold the light for others until they could hold the light for themselves. Tony gave me that gift. It took much transformation and me about six months before I could hold the light for others in that manner. When I achieved my desired transformation I wrote this poem as an expression of the honored and timeless gift bestowed upon me on that night in 2009.

Poem by Karen Monteverdi, CPC

I hold a space for you.
I give you range to explore.
This is the love I share with you.
I have chosen you as you have chosen me to learn and grow.
The wisdom we share is a gift.
I see you as you really are.
I hold you accountable to see how amazing that truly is.
I hold this space for you to fill.
Love to you, the being, who is more than you currently see.

The Code – Order your copy today. Takes you to the Highest Light House.

Please feel free to contact Tony, Marie, Kim or myself through The Highest Light House, come see who resonates within the spaces between your heart beat.
Click Here to see their profiles & contact information

Love & Light, Karen Monteverdi, CPC

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A knock at the door… sorry guys you will have to move, I need my house back. This was our story this morning. We have been caught by surprise, let the fun begin.
· Monday at 1:47pm

Sharon Cathcart: My thoughts will be with you.
Monday at 1:49pm ·
LaLena Vasquez: Change is good!…especially unexpected…so let the fun begin!
Monday at 1:50pm · .
Carole Sanek: OK well do you have a lease?
Monday at 1:55pm ·
Karen Monteverdi: No Carole, it’s a month to month contract. Despite my offer to coach the couple, they are getting a divorce. The owner needs his home as his primary residence. Completely fine here, we are always supported by the universe. Thanks for asking.
Monday at 2:00pm ·
Charlene Cordes Choate: You will find the perfect place, and miracles will unfold in the process.
Monday at 2:01pm ·
Karen Monteverdi: Thanks Char, it is exciting… I love when the plan gets a boost from the universe. I wonder what adventures lie ahead! Sean says there is chocolate where ever we go so it’s all good!
Monday at 2:02pm ·
Karen Monteverdi: Now we know why the cats packed their bags yesterday. I was so confused. 🙂
Monday at 2:03pm ·
Carole Sanek: A good realtor always asks LOL
Monday at 2:05pm ·
Karen Monteverdi: I’m grateful my coaching programs & classes are done over the phone and internet. It’s a wonderful thing to be mobile.
Monday at 2:09pm ·
Karen McLaughlin: please I hope this is a kick upstairs! Oh the tests…
Monday at 2:14pm ·
Karen Monteverdi: no suffering only joy! Our world always brings us a little closer to the highest good for all mankind. We may not always see it but we always believe
Monday at 2:18pm ·
Robin Duke: this is an opportunity in disguise! something better is right around the corner!
Monday at 2:24pm ·
Karen Monteverdi: We found a house. We’ll begin packing this weekend. thanks everyone for your love. The intention manifestation is in full force. Yay!
Monday at 5:36pm ·
Lisa Sudo: Very exciting and auspicious. It’s a New Moon, new beginnings! I have a new roommate myself! Enjoy the ride…
Monday at 5:48pm · .
Angela Schaefers: blessings on the changes ♥
Monday at 6:02pm ·
Steve Sisgold: Breathe and know you are going to an even better place.
Monday at 6:14pm ·
Karen Monteverdi: We found a wonderful environment, it already has a space for a yoga/meditation room, plenty of space for free style dancing, and a music studio is already set up. Thank you all for your amazing grace and support. I know it added energy for our manifestation. LOVE!
Monday at 6:18pm · ·
Lisa Sudo: Yay! Sounds perfect! Looking forward to your next open house! 🙂
Monday at 6:39pm ·
Karen McLaughlin: Hope it is great!
about an hour ago ·

Karen Monteverdi: The question was asked to me how is it that Sean & I manifest things so quickly.

Then the myriad of acknowledgments came: you’re positive, you see something you go after it, you know your own heart and mind, you embody the negative quickly and release it, so you can move on with your life…

Although all of those are tools I use, I am not any of those things. What is true is I’m spirit, and I have aligned with the master plan of my life. Even though the small ‘I’ here doesn’t always understand why, I have faith. Everything is set in motion to live my master plan.

Some people call this living from the heart, living from your God source, living from the place of the large Self, living from source… it doesn’t matter what it is called, as long as it is called to be in your life as a guiding light of love.

There are many feathers and tools to help us get where we need to be ‘space’ is the tool of preference for me. I put myself into a space of faith and trust. Thank you all for your support is a key elemental fact in my ability to stay positive and trust that all is according to the master plan. Reviewing this thread of the events and comments, this will be entered into my blog. I believe everything, every event, every thought when in alignment for the highest good is a perfect representation of the inner workings of the mind/body/emotional body and spirit. This is what I teach, how I coach, and how I live.

That is what Kaya Singer means when she says; I walk my talk. I appreciate the acknowledgments, and I share my abilities with others through the way I live my life.

Coaching is that for me, a way that I can align with the master plan. Engineering was that for me, until  I realized that I had a message to share. Engineering was a way to build infrastructure in the world, and now, there is in inner infrastructure that was called forth through coaching.

I heard the call and aligned with it. Keeping the master plan for the highest good as my blueprint for success. It isn’t always easy but it is always simple. As We Awaken We See The Simplicity Of Life.


Come reveal your master plan: Self Knowledge is Self Power Free Class

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